The Sun v/s Godox AD600B

“How often have you been on a shoot with Lights not in your favor?” “How often is it that the sun is too harsh cause your shoot started post 11 am and had to end before 3 pm?” “How often were you annoyed cause the surrounding setup wasn’t great and you didn’t have too many […]

Thick and Proud

How many times has the voice in your head told you not to dress in a particular outfit? Was the voice imbued so deep within you that it actually took ‘courage’ to maybe wear a more fitting shirt, a shorter dress or ‘horizontal stripes’? Nobody deserves to be bullied, chastised or isolated because they look […]

Bhutan – 2018

The last time we spoke about Bhutan, it was 2016 and Aditya had gone on a trip along with his wife. Needless to say, it was ALL about sight seeing and clicking pictures of monuments around and a few things here and there. This time around, three ladies from Team WhatKnot decided to make a […]