Best Candid Wedding photography in India by WhatKnot

WhatKnot is a team led by two individuals who have identical first names – Aditya :)Their contrasting personalities result in the same moment being captured in two completely different ways.

They share close to 8 years of photography experience and have been shooting Candid Weddings since 2012. Their motto has been plain and simple. Every wedding speaks a unique story.

With specialisation in Contemporary and Candid Wedding Photography, they travel across the country for varied events related to couples such as Weddings, Sangeet, Haldi, Engagements and so on. Their base city being Mumbai, their most recent travels have been to Pune, Bangalore, Nagpur, Jaipur, Udaipur and Delhi.

The Pheras and the Antarpath rituals are the key parts of the wedding that they specialise in and are known to get great shots at those moments.