People fall in love with each other in ways we cannot even think of. Imagine a scenario – a girl who couldn’t even stand the sight of a guy who finds her intriguing getting married! Insane, right? We have one such real-life story to share with you.


The story has two characters (bride and groom, of course!). Rishabh Khatter, a charismatic and highly ambitious, young man met Rhea, a fiercely independent and cheerful girl on a New Year’s Eve. He had just come to India from New Zealand and she, from London. That New Year’s Eve, Rhea found Rishabh extremely annoying whereas he barely noticed her. Come on guys, it was New Year’s Eve! You attend any party with just two agendas – either to find love or to get sloshed! Here, the couple had no agenda at all.


Curious enough to know how did they break the ice? Let’s hear the rest of the story from the gorgeous couple itself. The groom will narrate the story to you. Spoiler alert: Rhea doesn’t find him a jerk anymore.


“After that New Year’s Eve, neither of us bothered to stay in touch. We kept on bumping into each other only at New Year’s Eve for consecutive three years. Rhea somehow couldn’t stand the sight of me with every passing year and that’s when I started noticing her more and more. November 2014 was the ice-breaker as that was the time when we got to know each other. From what she tells me, she fell for me the moment we sang Superman by Third Eye Blind, word for word together (#90sAltRock4Life). That and the copious amount of Paco Rabanne Invictus I was dousing myself in! All through that weekend trip, I was trying very hard to be nonchalant, but I had butterflies playing all kinds of sports in my stomach!


And that every New Year’s Eve, on another terrace, is when things came full circle – I told her how I felt about her – unabashedly and fearlessly! She dropped and shattered her phone, looked up at me and smiled. That very moment I knew I’d found my special girl. We knew that if we wanted things to work out, we’d need to let things happen organically. All along we knew where it was heading, but we were in no hurry. Getting married was just the eventuality of our relationship and we were both on the same page at every step of the way.


When it came to the wedding coverage, I knew very well what exactly I wanted. Coming from the content creating business, my clarity for my wedding coverage, I got in touch with Aditya’s WhatKnot. I made it very clear to Aditya that we want to keep it extremely simple, sober, and opulent. With the ideas suggested by him and his team, we knew it right there that Whatknot and we were on the same page. They were extremely professional, smart, talented, and warm.


All in all the Whatknot team have given me nothing less than a mind-boggling film and a truckload of insane candid photos. Rhea and I absolutely loved every piece of content they churned out, and most of my friends have taken their numbers to book them for their own weddings. We’re so happy we found them. Their ability to pre-empt everything is nothing short of the great experience they have on-ground and their warm conduct of the people around them.”


The places we chose were very elegant:

Wedding: Sea Princess Hotel, Juhu

Reception: MCA Club in BKC

Party: The Citizen Hotel Terrace, Juhu (A hidden gem if you like beachside terraces. Ask for Mr. Bhargava – he’s the sweetest)

Makeup and hair: As Rhea was very specific as to what she wanted, Her mantra for makeup was simple – make me look like me, but better. That’s when she remembered an old school

friend, Sana Khan. A hair and makeup artist with over 10 years of industry experience, Sana and her younger sister Saba made all of Rhea’s makeup dreams come true. With the overall look, she looked mesmerizingly happy!

Wedding ensembles: For our wedding outfits, Rhea and I decided to wear lighter colours and we settled on the Anushka-Virat pink! Rhea got her lehenga from Om Prakash Jawaharlal in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, and I got my sherwani custom-made from our family tailor in Dadar who has been stitching our family’s wedding clothes for generations.

Wedding jewelry: Rhea’s jewelry was passed down to her from her grandmother – a gorgeous gold and emerald set. Our rings were custom-made from our family jeweler.

Wedding invitations: That was another ballgame! We did some caricature which turned out to be a disaster. On the eleventh hour, Pinterest came to our rescue. We customized the invitations ourselves. A huge thanks to my extended family at work.


Any tips or advice for couples who are planning to get married? Oh, I do have a few:

  1.  Keep a youngsters party after all the wedding functions are done. It’s a whole lot more rewarding and less stressful when you don’t have to worry about looking good at your wedding the next day.
  2.  Choose another mode for your Baraat – it’s a lot more enjoyable, you can get off and dance, mingle and it’s also animal-friendly
  3.  Take control of your wedding, but also know when to let go a little. Being uber-controlling will only stress you out. Just give in and enjoy yourself.
  4. Be extremely vulnerable, eat at your own wedding and reception. Just take a break and walk away Hi-fiving your guests.
  5. Smile like you genuinely mean it!”


Didn’t we tell you that people fall in love in mysterious ways? There was a point in Rhea and Rishabh’s lives where they thought they’d never end up with each other. And look at them today, they’re giving us major #CoupleGoals. We’re not crying, you’re crying.


Looking for a wedding strategist who can let pictures speak your love story out loud? Get in touch with us and we’ll let our camera do the talking!