Love Stories are always fun to listen to. That is the sole reason why Bollywood Movies are a hit and Shahrukh Khan is a superstar. Alright. This post isn’t about SRK one bit. But it is definitely about a filmi love story. And we heard it straight from the Horse’s mouth.


Aru – as she is fondly called by her folks at home (And her elder brother and our Big Boss Mr. Marathe) gave some details of how this union happened.

Over to her now 🙂

“We met at the Hospital. (Doctors eh !)

The first time we spoke, he asked me to give reference of one of my patients and asked me to speak in Marathi. I realised that he knows I am a Maharashtrian. I already knew about him being a Maharashtrian though. (Am a decent stalker). 😛 


Post that, we kept meeting (Read: bumping into each other) in rounds and wards. Nothing special honestly. 


But our first “Official Date” was at Cafe Coffee Day. You can’t expect much in a small town like Anand, can you? I obviously don’t remember the date. Am terrible at it. Sameer knows of that trait of mine. Used it to his advantage ! More on that in a bit 🙂

Oh yes – The coffee Date. We drove down in my car. I had never driven alone before outside the campus and I was a little worried for sure. I asked him to drive instead. That sounded a lot safer. 😂

More such dates happened and we were bonding really well.

But back in Mumbai, with my folks having no idea whatsoever about what was cooking in Anand, I had to go Husband Shopping. Sameer sort of knew about it. Strangely, he wasn’t too worried. Talk about confidence ! Shaayy !


My sister in law – Radhika’s (Mr.Marathe’s better and wiser half) due date was decided to be 16th July. The little one is now almost 18 months old now. But yes, that’s the date the Doctors had decided on.

Sameer knew about this. And that’s when his game plan kickstarted. This, he mentioned later. Here it goes.

  • Arundhati is terrible at remembering dates. Terrible. Terrible.
  • But, Arundhati will NEVER forget his nephew’s birthday. EVER. Let’s rephrase. Aru will ALWAYS REMEMBER that day. 
  • She will be too ecstatic at the idea of having a new family member in the house. She will not say a NO to anything. Hopefully. 

So we went to this place called Madhuban. He went as per plan and proposed to me.

I said NO. Flat NO. Poor Fellow. His planning was going haywire. Then because he shouldn’t feel bad, I said I’ll ask my parents 😂

Then that very day, I texted him that I have no issues if my parents are Ok.”

And we all know what happened then.

So yea, Arundhati and Sameer, both being Doctors got married at the Sula Vineyards this December.

Well played Sameer. Well played indeed. 🙂