Have you ever thought of getting your wedding clicked with a drone? It may seem insane but is a growing trend in the new age wedding photographers. The drones are taking the wedding to new heights. So besides the decked up venue and amazing decor, there is something else being talked at the wedding these days – the drones. In fact, the big fat Indian wedding now seems incomplete without a drone hovering over bride and groom to capture all the precious moments of bride and groom. Until a few years back, it was only high cranes and jib which made a wedding stand out. Even the photographers, seemed using drone impossible. However, now, there is always something flying in the air – the drone. The drone camera is a versatile gear finding space in the Mumbai skies to turn the wedding day into something cool and fancy.

Drones are a great way to capture the moments of the bride and groom without any interference by the high definition cameras and mobiles of cousins and other guests. The new age wedding photographers in Mumbai have started using a lot of drones. This high-tech way of capturing moments require an open space and is mostly used in farmhouses wedding. The most probable reason for this trend, besides the photographic vision, is that people in Mumbai love to flaunt and the drone camera passing over the guests surely catches a lot of attention.


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Here are some reasons why you should use drones in your wedding:

Wow effect: The camera in the air captures moments and many moods in a different fun and flair. It not captures the guests and the stage, but adds a new aura to the wedding and creates different tempos and moods. It focuses on little moments from a bird’s eye view and gives an amazing new perspective on your wedding album.

A different perspective: Be it a simple pre-wedding shoot or a wedding film, a drone can enhance the creativity. It is a lot more intriguing than the regular straightforward portraits and definitely adds an amazing feel of the environment in your photos. It is surely much better than the regular plastic poses.

Cinematic effect:  A drone wedding was a common capture in Bollywood movies. You sure must have gone ‘wow’ with the drone angles in the movies. The new age wedding photographer in Mumbai adds this wow effect to your wedding film. The perfect, no plastic poses surely reward your love for those movie shots. It adds a statement and a filmy touch to your lavish wedding.

Though this high technology adds a unique touch to your wedding, it is not a toy. The flight of drone is restricted in certain places. It also adds a lot of unnecessary noise which may irritate your guests. In a compact hall, it may collide with an object or can even hurt a guest. However, if you are planning a lavish outdoor wedding, you must surely check with the new age wedding photographer for an amazing aerial view of your wedding. If not wedding, you can have few drone clicks in your pre-wedding shoot.