How many times has the voice in your head told you not to dress in a particular outfit? Was the voice imbued so deep within you that it actually took ‘courage’ to maybe wear a more fitting shirt, a shorter dress or ‘horizontal stripes’?

Nobody deserves to be bullied, chastised or isolated because they look a certain way. Nobody deserves to be asked to fit in a box in order to be loved. In a nutshell, nobody – and I mean no single person deserves to withhold love because somebody else thinks their size isn’t worthy of it.

Make-up, clothes, haircuts, spectacles and everything under the broad spectrum of fashion was designed to add a bit of gratification to our humdrum lives. It was meant to be a mere convenience, but look at what a competitive, confining touchstone it has turned into. Where, if you don’t espouse the rules meant for your type of body, your face’s shape, the tone of your skin color or the health of your hair – you’re doing it wrong and there’s a chance someone will bring it to your notice.

While some are still learning how to soothe their internal voices, even as the ones outside try to bog them down and pull them apart, some have taken strides ahead and are lifting more and more people up with resonating words.

Today we’re bringing to you ‘thick thigh’, in her raw words. Instagram blogger Aashna Bhagwani is now better at showing herself the love, care, and compassion she deserves. It took her years to convince her inner voice that she can unlearn the dislike she has created around her body image. Being on the heavier side, she’s had family and relatives and teachers at school verbalize their varied opinions about her weight. It took her a while to convince herself that she deserves to love herself and have a positive body image before anybody else does before she could give a piece of her mind to anyone else. And that is the journey she’s been on.

While most thick people are advised to cover up, dress demure, Aashna has been slaying ensembles ranging from lehengas to shorts to a bikini she comfortably dons. She doesn’t just preach being comfortable in your own skin, thin or thick, but also embodies her ideas. And it will only take a scroll through her Instagram to tell you that this woman is the manifestation of her ideals.

A while ago someone had asked how to make ‘fat’ brides look ‘nice and slim’, and our answer to that is: You don’t do that. You see beyond the skin, beyond the size – you go with the knowledge that this is a person who should be and very much can be portrayed as the person they are. You let them be comfortable, kindle them by making great pictures of them in their true essence, without trying so hard to make them look like your biased, distorted idea of perfection.