We’ve shot at palaces and parks, and villas and golf courses and yet when you see the profound beauty of a vast ocean against the sunset it redefines your idea of capturing moments!


These are some of those lucky moments that have had the good luck of having one of the most beautiful natural backdrops – The sunset in the ocean.


We knew this day would be as exciting as it had promised to be on a pleasant Sunday afternoon.

We kicked off the shoot with a few shots at Ballard Estate, thanks to the empty roads on this particular peaceful Sunday – Empty Roads being our happy oxymoron.

pre-wedding-photography-105 pre-wedding-photography-102 pre-wedding-photography-103

College sweethearts, Aditi And Ketan, posed happily through it all and made for some absolutely adorable pictures, Ketan being the star of the shoot, the very ‘particular’ bride-to-be had to be coaxed, cajoled and warmed up to the camera.

The comfortable and chatty bride groom struck a beautiful balance with the shy yet very ‘proper’ Aditi. They fit perfectly into each other’s world.

pre-wedding-photography-111 pre-wedding-photography-114 pre-wedding-photography-115 pre-wedding-photography-116 pre-wedding-photography-121 pre-wedding-photography-122 pre-wedding-photography-100 pre-wedding-photography-107 pre-wedding-photography-113

We shot for about an hour at Ballard estate, where the empty roads and distressed walls of heritage structures added to the muted charm of the moment.

Post these few clicks we made our way to the mooooost exciting part of our shoot – The Sailboat!

pre-wedding-photography-123 pre-wedding-photography-126

This being our first shoot on a sailboat we were extremely excited about the whole thing, the couple being equally excited cause they didn’t know what to expect!

We hopped on to a tiny boat that took us far out into the sea and onto the sailboat, which then set sail into the serene sunset that unfolded its beauty before us and the much too much in love couple.


The weather was pleasant & chilly and the happy blue sky and the ocean perfectly complemented Aditi’s outfit.

Initially the swaying waters made it a little difficult for us to capture a stable frame but with time, and the couple getting a little more comfortable with each click we managed to capture some of the best moments.

pre-wedding-photography-129 pre-wedding-photography-133

It was definitely tricky posing out there but then again Ketan posed with a great sense of confidence as he took his bride-to-be in his arms, who stood there holding onto the sail for dear life!


Soon enough , post a little more conversation, a few silly jokes and the weather just adding to the beautiful setup we managed to bring out that stable chemistry and melting warmth. We tried really hard to avoid making the couple too conscious – of the choppy water or the camera or us!

pre-wedding-photography-139 pre-wedding-photography-138 pre-wedding-photography-132 pre-wedding-photography-146 pre-wedding-photography-151 pre-wedding-photography-155 pre-wedding-photography-150 pre-wedding-photography-149

The chemistry they shared was heartwarming and to watch these two lovely people come together really made our day!

We love these stories , we love these couples and we make sure that the moments that are the most important to you are captured perfectly and preserved for a lifetime !

Until the next and story that makes you believe in love! – adios .