We haven’t added any pre wedding albums on our site so far. And we understand that most couples get a kick out of these pictures. 🙂 But we have tried to focus more on the real sense of “Candid” and hence have always concentrated more on displaying the actual wedding pictures…

Having said that, this is a different story. Its about two wonderful people – good looking and extremely warm. Both being camera shy, we wanted to make this a special and yet a different shoot. And we just had to talk about this here..

Nikhil was very clear in his head that he did not want to do this in Mumbai and pose in front of countless people. He took some time to decide on the location.. And boy, what a stunning location did he finally pick..

We went to this Dam in Manor, which is very close to Palghar – 80kms from Mumbai on the Mumbai-Surat Highway..


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pre-wedding-photography-2 pre-wedding-photography-4 pre-wedding-photography-1


One thought on “An exotic location for Nikhil and Mahak’s Pre Wed

  1. Amazing photography… amazing photographs…. U both look stunning together…wonderful poses…

    Would love to be clicked by u wid my partner during my pre-wedd :-*

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