We shot this gorgeous couple’s wedding way back in January.


Both Doctors, their story is beautiful.

Nami had a few things to share with us.

“Eham and I are both from the medical profession. I’m a Neuro-Physiotherapist and Eham is a general surgeon in Mumbai. We met in junior college, in the monsoon of 2004. Eham was hard to miss (something about his Harry Potter looks with the glasses) but we hardly interacted in the first few weeks. However, when we realized we were both keen on pursuing medicine, we got talking. I even tried to set him up with a friend! And it was then that I realized he meant more to me than just a friend. As our studying took over our interactions were limited over the next year but with the exams behind us, we started a phase of endless conversation, late night calls and coffees. Six months later, at Bandstand one evening, Eham asked, ‘So what about us?’ in the most casual way possible! And that’s how we started dating almost a decade ago.”

Cheers to them 🙂



Let’s move to the pictures now that you all know their story. Haha !