Prekshaa Sharma is a typical Punjabi kuddi…She is Loud yet lovely, Mad yet mystical and works as a Marketing professional. Gaurav Patel on the other hand is a true Gujju chokro and is louder and much more honest version of her, who happens to be a bijjiiness (business) man!


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She says “Our story truly defines the word “serendipity” a.k.a fortunate accidents.

We happened to meet by chance. He was in my area volunteering for an organisation, selling passes for a cause on the streets. His marketing strategy was clear- sell passes to pretty girls. He put this marketing skills to good use and sold a pass to my sister a.k.a thecupid in our love life. The cupid <3 then set us up on a blind date. She thought the super (read as extra) honest, Mr. Organised and Mr. Understanding Gaurav would be a perfect match for the oh-not-so-honest and ever so random me. She introduced us both thinking we’d balance each other out perfectly and the rest is history.

The blind date was followed by chatting, phone calls, lunches, dinners, casual dating, confused love, arguments, some more confusion, fights, tears and finally the declaration of love. December 2nd, 2014 (the day we completed 21 months of being together) marked the most exciting turn in our story when I finally got a Hollywood style marriage proposal. I was coming back from Bangkok and he was waiting at the arrivals with a bouquet of 21 roses in his hand and a banner reading “ Prekshaa Sharma, will you please marry me”. That wasn’t all, he went down on his knee with a shoe in his hand ( to woo the shoeaholic me >_<) in front of everyone and proposed. The answer had to be Yes!

After the shoe exchange, we officially exchanged rings on Christmas day 2014 (25th December).

We’ll be saying our I do’s on December 8th 2015.”

Wow. That’s one helluva story. Isn’t it? We wish them all the very best. And yes, we would be there to capture their beautiful wedding moments 🙂

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