We got in touch with Misha a few days back to check if she would want to be the guest Blogger for our site and share in her own words how the wedding was. We had the pictures shortlisted for the blog. All we needed was details about what happened when.

That’s when Misha came in and said, “How about a little something about the proposal?”


So here it is. Straight from the Horse’s mouth (The Bride ofcourse 😛 )

“Memorial Day weekend of 2016 turned out to be a momentous occasion for Viraj & I. Viraj went down on his knees and put a ring on my finger, and as I said “I do”, we decided to spend the rest of our lives together.”

Here is how it started:

The weekend started with a celebration of Viraj’s niece’s birthday party with their friends. As the afternoon drew to a close, Viraj’s cousin was giving a thank you speech to everyone. The kids were made sitting on the benches against the wall with the mascot, when the song “Hypnotized” by Akon came on.

Viraj walked from the back of the room towards me and held my hand to bring me to the center of the room. I was flabbergasted, but I followed him to the center of the room. The kids at the back lifted the placard which said “Will You Marry Me!” as Viraj went down on his knees, and asked me to be his wife and companion for life.

My mind just blanked out while I said “Yes” to him. I was still trying to process what had just happened, I was completely overjoyed and I could hear a couple of kids say, “Is she getting married!” Haha

I was thrilled that I finally found a man who could balance the chaos in my head. I was ready to take the leap since I always knew that he would strive to bring out the best in me. I saw the confidence in him to hold my hand and walk me through this journey of life.

The surprise continued with a stay at the luxurious boutique hotel, Hotel Zaza, fitting to my taste of elegance and extravagance (Lol). The next day we took a trip to New Orleans to enjoy French cuisine and jazz music, drawing to close an amazing weekend during which we decided to spend the rest of our lives together.”

Damn ! Now that’s some proposal. Cheers !

And before we forget, here are the other details:

  • Venue details: Brunch – Escobar, Bandra; Wedding/Reception – J.W.Marriott, Juhu.
  • Make-up artist: Mrudula Thombre
  • Jewelry: Brunch – Minerali; Wedding/Reception – Coral Jewels
  • Decorations: Wedding/Reception – National Decorators
  • Photography/Cinematography: WhatKnot 🙂