“Will you be getting my makeup shots too?”

“Are you really sure you want to click my pictures when my makeup is going on?”

“I don’t think am too kicked about getting clicked that time.”

“So you will click my lipstick and eye liner?”

“But I wont be ready by then”


These are some of the many questions/ dilemmas that we get asked and told when we meet the bride-to-be for the first time. We normally just smile and say “Don’t worry. We will be there to capture the moments.” Little does she realize what we mean then. 🙂 


Today, we are going to try and break it down to you about what really happens in THAT Makeup room and why it is so critical for us to be there at that point of time.

No, we are not going to talk about the room setup or the jewellery or the outfit that is worn by the bride. While it’s important, we have more significant things to capture there. People. Smiles. Laughter. Anxiety. Expressions 😛 

Great. So here we go. Putting them up in pointers to simplify it even further


1. The BRIDE !! Of course.

She is the one. If you go there and don’t click her pictures, it’s pointless. Remember – She is going to be a bunch of emotions at that point of time. A lot excited, a little scared and anxious.

Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-51 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-49 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-44
Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-43 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-39

Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-20 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-16


Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-54 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-23 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-8 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-11


2. Abstract Chaos

Alright. Not always do we have a room kept only for the bride. And more often than not, everything around is in a mess. Get that shot. Just as a memory. It will remind her and her folks of all the madness that was running out there for 2 hrs before the wedding.

Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-52 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-53 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-47 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-48 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-28 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-24 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-3 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-2



3. The MOM

She will be there. For sure. She has to see her daughter turn into a princess. She wants to spend all her time just staring at her little girl.

Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-19 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-15 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-5



4. The FRIENDS aka BFFs

Them ! You will find them in different breeds. Some notorious, the others excited. They are going to be there to chatter away and laugh like there is no tomorrow. And yes, click a million Selfies.

Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-59 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-58 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-50 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-45 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-34 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-27



5. The GROOM 

The other half. Eh?

Some of them enter the room for a sneak peak of their beautiful bride. The others are just waiting patiently for their better half to get ready. And a few are just plain bored cause of the time taken to get ready. 😛

Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-17 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-30 Make-up-getting-ready-brides-photography-32




6. And the bride again.

Gorgeous. Isn’t she?

This isn’t the end. This is just the start to a beautiful journey.