Move over SRK, we gotta new dreamer in town, a looker at that! He has us believing in the quintessential hero  that Bollywood has been creating and spewing for the last three decades. Romance is real, he is real. In the digital age of information overload and short attention spans, here is a surprising and heart warming story of boy meets girl.

Kunal did not expect to fall in love in three days. A chance meeting with Miloni who was holidaying in Dubai, sparked off an intense attraction and before her holiday was over, Kunal knew there could never be anybody else for him.

Miloni, however, was taken aback at Kunal’s frankness. What followed was a few months of wooing, interspersed with thoughtful decisiveness. “What I really liked was the fact he put in so much time and effort into getting to know me, in bringing us closer”, says Miloni matter of factly. She is practical yet fun-loving, dreamy yet grounded. Of course it must have been difficult to impress her! But now she proudly claims, “he can read my mind. It is still unnerving at times, but he gets me, and that is what matters”.

Contrary to their story, for their pre-wedding photoshoot, the couple opted to stay away from cheesy poses. With their high energy levels and electric chemistry, what followed was a playful series of pictures. Pick out any of these and you have a perfect poster for the next upcoming romcom!

Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-52 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-6 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-5 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-4 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-3 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-1 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-2

Kunal and Miloni’s wedding was so much fun to shoot! For their sangeet, we had two very enthusiastic families putting up choreographed dances – It was one big Bollywood party!

Miloni and Kunal, true to their style, danced to Tu Tu Meri from Bang Bang and we have a feeling that is how their life is going to be – crazy, fun, and taking leaps together. Thank  you miloni and Kunal, for letting us be part of your very special story. To say the least, it has been a blast! Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-8 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-10 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-11 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-12


Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-15 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-14 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-16 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-17 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-19 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-18


Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-22 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-24

Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-29 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-30 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-27 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-28

Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-31 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-32 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-33
Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-34 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-35 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-36 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-37 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-38 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-42 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-43 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-44 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-45 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-46 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-47 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-49 Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-48Gujrati-Candid-Wedding-Photography-Mumbai-51

– Text contributed by Sneha Nair

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