In every industry, there is a workhorse – Period.

What this workhorse does is simple – get most of your work done with zero tantrums and zero maintenance. With that in mind, we are here to talk about this one specific lens, which is known to be just that as far as Wedding Photography is concerned. This could be a Canon or a Nikon or a Tamron. Or any other brand. That’s not important.

Till date, this lens has been used specifically for documenting a wedding – Treat it as Traditional or Candid. But its plain documenting! We started using this lens exactly for that reason. While the other photographers at the wedding used all the other fancy lenses like the 70-200 2.8, 35mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.4. this one photographer decided to stick around with this one lens and shoot. And after a point, he realised  something – it wasn’t only the documenting that happens.

This is his story. His output. His pictures..

Tamron SP 24-70MM F/2.8 Di VC USD


Before we start showcasing some of the pictures, a few lines on what it does best 🙂

The mighty moment catcher

You can’t beat this lens when it comes to capturing expressions. Read this again. It is by far the best at capturing expressions. Unless of course, you don’t know how to shoot. 😛

At as low as 24mm, it helps capture most of the people around. And at 70mm, it most definitely captures the expressions of individuals.

The Creative Shots

For sometime, we didn’t understand the concept of creative shots with this lens. No bokeh – no creativity. That’s the kind of crap we kept telling ourselves. But thankfully, we moved out of that and started shooting with different perspectives and angles. And the results were magical.

Couple Shots and Decor

And yes, you can shoot portraits too.


Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-10 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-24 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-22 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-26 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-28 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-45 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-44 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-46 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-49 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-58 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-59 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-62 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-63 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-82 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-85 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-84 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-95 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-107 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-102 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-111 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-120 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-122 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-123 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-129 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-144 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-161 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-166 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-160 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-177 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-173 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-181 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-182

Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-9 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-42 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-52 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-53 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-86 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-195 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-197 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-155 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-163 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-146 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-147 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-99 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-100 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-32 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-35 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-51 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-203 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-87 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-88 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-124 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-152 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-112 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-56 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-41 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-30 Nikon-24-70-Candid-Wedding-WhatKnot-180