How many times has it happened, that you want to get a couple shoot done, but go blank when you are asked to think of a Location? It happens to us a Zillion number of times. Even when clients call us, they are clueless about how to go about it.

We are not sure if it is only with us Mumbai people, but it does happen.

Last week, we were shooting close to the Taj Mahal in Agra and we were like – Damn, can we do all our shoots here? Every picture having the Taj as the backdrop. Wouldn’t that be gorgeous. But in the scheme of things, am sure not all of us would want to have our shoot done there. Every individual is different and aspires for something based on his/ her own likes.

So we are going to try and simplify this.

For all you Mumbaikars who are wanting to get a couple shoot done, here’s a list of locations which will give you a sigh of relief. This is for all – Couples as well as Photographers.

FYI – We have been wanting to write this for so long. But procrastination in terms of writing Blogs is our thing. *One Tight Slap*

  • Ballard Estate/ Marine Drive – The only time you can shoot here is on a Sunday. Trust us on it. Ballard Estate is a gorgeous area with old office buildings. You can get some rustic feel pictures post which a little drive to Marine Drive can give you a few pictures with the Queen’s Necklace as the backdrop. The cops don’t trouble if you are sane enough while shooting and posing. We are not mentioning the Gateway of India here simply because it is similar to the Taj Mahal for us Mumbaikars. We have seen it a million times. We don’t want to have an entire shoot based on the Gateway. A picture here and there would be perfect 😛


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  • Pawana Lake, Lonavla – A couple of hours drive from Mumbai takes you to this beautiful place in Lonavala. Go there on a WEEKDAY ONLY. Never head there over the weekend. The entire Mumbai junta heads to Lonavala for a break. Best time to shoot at this location is posted 4 pm. Head there by 3 pm or so, get used to the area and make sure you get your shots by sunset. Once it is dark, you can’t see a thing. It is that secluded.




  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park – We shot there after almost 3 years. Nothing can beat the lush green forest areas. Spend ample time walking around and getting the best pictures in 3-4 hours. Oh, did we mention that you need to pay INR 3300 just to have your camera inside and shoot? If you are going to do an entire shoot there, it is worth it. Else, Nah!




  • Dadar Market – How about shooting in the heart of the city. We call Dadar as the heart of the city simply because it is bang in the centre. It is always full of people. But it also adds to the charm. Doesn’t it?




  • New Bombay/ Pali – In Mumbai, but away from it. Just a little. Period !




  • Goa – A quick flight to Beaches and Portuguese houses.




  • Panchgani/ Mahableshwar – How about a longish drive and head to a hill station? Mind you, the resorts out there might not let you shoot in their area. But the public property is good to go! The plateau at Panchgani is gorgeous and gives you enough space to compose your frames well.




  • Dapoli – Longish Drive? Maybe even longer. This is a good 8-hour drive to one of the Virgin beaches in Maharashtra. Not only do you get a stunning beach, you also have hilly areas to get completely different pictures in place.




  • Pix’o’city, Surat – We made a trip to this Couple Shoot Setup place in Surat. They had tons of Sets where we could simply place the couple and shoot 😛




  • Hotels – These days, a lot of Hotels are open to letting you shoot at a certain cost. While this cost seems to be a mystery, do not hesitate in calling them up to check.



The list goes on. But let’s cap it at this for now.

FYI – There are a lot many locations in Mumbai. But we don’t recommend them cause of multiple reasons. One, the crowd is a problem. Second, it is illegal to shoot there. Prime example – Stopping at the Worli Sea Link to click a picture. It is dangerous. Simple.


That’s all folks.

Be creative. Be awesome. Be responsible.