We have heard of a lot of exotic couple shoots in recent times. People love to travel to the most gorgeous and commercial places to get their pictures clicked. This was no different – Almost !


The couple didn’t want to shoot in Mumbai. Period.

And we didn’t want to do the typical fly down to Goa/ Udaipur etc etc to shoot..

And then this came up. We drove to a small place called Dapoli where the couple’s friend owns a farmhouse/ resort. a 8 hour drive from Mumbai. Phew !

But totally worth it.



Alright then. Here’s the couple’s mad mad love story for all you guys 🙂

When we shot their wedding, we also asked them to talk about how they met and how it all began.

While Saili spoke for just about 5-7 mins, Parth went on for good 40-45 mins or so. We had to unfortunately cut it down after a point cause of lack of time (Typical wedding madness 😛 )

And on that very day, we knew we had to talk about it on our site. So here it goes straight from the Horse’s mouth – in a very very summarised manner 😛

Parth“From hating each other as kids.. to loving each other unconditionally and seeing each other through all the highs and lows. We’ve done it ALL !!” 

“Our relationship is older than us!!” quipped Saili as Parth started off with the story.

“It all started in School…where I was the OUTSTANDING student (quite literally 😛) and she was the teacher’s pet!!” – So typical we say. Haha
“She hated me and I pretended to hate her back!!” 

Saili excitedly blurted at that moment, “But he ALWAYS had a crush on me!!! ( just like he had a crush on so many other girls in school 😜) “

“School was over and we continued to meet through mutual friends…” (pretending to not notice each other!) And.. Then there were multiple annoying phone calls (Missed calls rather) that got them talking eventually…!!

He found his girl (not a “Girly girl” as he would put it) and his best friend for life!
She found her hopelessly romantic Bollywood hero (Trust us – It’s true)

“Our Story is a dream come true.. Not just for us but for a lot of other people too!!!

Cheers !







Exotic-Pre-Wedding-Drone-Aerial-Saili-Parth-3 Exotic-Pre-Wedding-Drone-Aerial-Saili-Parth-1

Exotic-Pre-Wedding-Drone-Aerial-Saili-Parth-5 Exotic-Pre-Wedding-Drone-Aerial-Saili-Parth-6 Exotic-Pre-Wedding-Drone-Aerial-Saili-Parth-7 Exotic-Pre-Wedding-Drone-Aerial-Saili-Parth-8 Exotic-Pre-Wedding-Drone-Aerial-Saili-Parth-9 Exotic-Pre-Wedding-Drone-Aerial-Saili-Parth-10 Exotic-Pre-Wedding-Drone-Aerial-Saili-Parth-12 Exotic-Pre-Wedding-Drone-Aerial-Saili-Parth-13 Exotic-Pre-Wedding-Drone-Aerial-Saili-Parth-22 Exotic-Pre-Wedding-Drone-Aerial-Saili-Parth-17 Exotic-Pre-Wedding-Drone-Aerial-Saili-Parth-20 Exotic-Pre-Wedding-Drone-Aerial-Saili-Parth-19

Exotic-Pre-Wedding-Drone-Aerial-Saili-Parth-25 Exotic-Pre-Wedding-Drone-Aerial-Saili-Parth-24 Exotic-Pre-Wedding-Drone-Aerial-Saili-Parth-23 Exotic-Pre-Wedding-Drone-Aerial-Saili-Parth-26