Candid Wedding Photography At Mumbai park hotel

We have always been fans of an arranged marriage setup. There is this nervous energy in the air, the blushes come easy and we like to think that we bring the couple closer. After all, what else binds people together than enduring embarrassing photo shoots where every fleeting glance, every shared smile and every stolen kiss is closely watched, encouraged and documented !!

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They discussed politics the first time they spoke. Not your typical awkward wedding-suitor-conversation, eh?

It is easy to see why Mohit adores Surabhi. She was the promise of spring when it snowed, the warm thought in the cold wind, the song on a silent night. It did not matter that Toronto was freezing and early morning awakenings were painful; the long late night phone calls was what kept him going. The usually calm and composed Mohit was enchanted by Surabhi, who carried pockets full of sunshine everywhere she went.

Surabhi, the charming and talkative lawyer was skeptic when her parents asked her to speak to yet another suitor. But she went along anyway and is glad she did!

She says, “Mohit couldn’t be more perfect for me, he is exactly what I wanted and I needed. He is liberal in his thoughts and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. I can go on and on but you get the drift”. Yes Surabhi, We do 🙂 🙂

During the pre-wedding shots, Surabhi was a bundle of nerves, dividing her time giggling uncontrollably and worrying that Mohit might find all of this a little too frivolous. She needn’t have been – Mohit went along with everything his lady love wanted, making sure she was comfortable and relaxed, indeed, he was the stabilising factor for the live-wire that is Surabhi. They complement each other beautifully. She feels safe and secure in his presence, and he is energised in her company.

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The couple looked grand on their wedding night. The Jaimala was a giggly affair and set the tone for the entire evening, there was a lot of laughter, conversation and leg pulling among the families. The bride was smiley, the groom was earnest and as always, it was beautiful and humbling to witness the union of two people in love.

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Mohit and Surabhi, thank you for choosing us, we loved being at your wedding and we wish you all the happiness in the world.

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