Not too often do we hear from horse’s mouth (in this case the bride-to-be) 😛

But Priya being a good friend decided to pen down her love story in her own unique detailed manner for us. Mind you, a very detailed manner.


Something about the shoot –

Priya and Shiv should have been born in the 50’s. They would have made a fascinating retro couple on screen. That’s the first thing that came to our minds when we first met them together. And all that thinking went into making a quick shoot happen in Retro outfits. Priya’s retro hairdo was done by Lakme and she pulled it off in style. Shiv’s suspenders and the facial hair just added so much more charm to the entire getup. And the best part is that they were being themselves. There was an eerie feeling at some point cause they looked so much from the 70’s and pulled it off that way very naturally 🙂


Over to Priya !

“My first interaction with the 6 ft something tall & bearded man was under an informal corporate setting where I was totally misjudged – talk of first impressions 😛 I learnt much later that Shiv decided to cut me some slack because of my pretty face… (M-E-N) 😐

On most days, I would sit alone in the cafeteria observing Shiv from a distance – one couldn’t miss him because of his d-a-i-l-y diet of multi-grain chapatti, boiled chicken & tossed veggies (ewww! So bland! — Wonder how his life was before he met me :P) He would take breaks every hour – for sprouts, a fruit, some healthy snack… (a regime, w-t-f!) (I fear an earful already)

Friday, 29th January 2-0-1-6 – I was extended an invite to a colleague’s birthday (someone I had barely known) and I decided to accept it (quite unlikely of me) 😐 Amidst an average suburban crowd at the pub, few vodka shots, feet tapping hip-hop music and learning of common interests (our friends had obviously dissolved with the environment behind us) – Shiv asked me out A-N-D I accepted…!!!

He didn’t take my number (that was a game changer). The weekend went by (although we were itching to be with each other). I was surprised he didn’t even send a connect request on fb (that was a bummer until I learnt he attempted to ‘follow’ me – unlike Twitter, fb doesn’t notify the person being followed :P) …I had already assumed his actions were motivated under the influence of alcohol 🙁

I wish, I had not made an early judgment (face-palm). Come Monday, as I walked into office, Shiv greeted me with the widest smile e-v-e-r (melting heart emoji). My boss pulled me for an hour long meeting and I noticed a work email from Shiv requesting my number (the anticipation kills the cat!) We spent a few minutes away from the prying eyes of office junta and fixed a coffee date for Wednesday.

The date was a litmus test — from a hip suburban bar to a brightly lit café, from hip-hop to toned-down music, from a shot glass to a cuppa hot beverage – we passed and how… sailing the waters of love, life and laughter – there was no looking back thereafter.

Hours became days, days became weeks, weeks became months, and on Monday, 28th March 2-0-1-6, he finally popped the Q – encapsulated in a box were *hand-written and rote learnt* thirty-six different languages of expressing those three words which were locked in his heart for nearly two whole months (that’s the level of personalisation he adds to this relationship) and he swept me off my feet (and continues to do so in small ways every now and then).

Even with the limited time (in relation to his age 😉 ) of having known him, it feels f-o-r-e-v-e-r!!! I can’t wait to start a life with him xoxo”

retro-styled-mumbai-pre-wedding-shoot-ballard-estate-17 retro-styled-mumbai-pre-wedding-shoot-ballard-estate-8

retro-styled-mumbai-pre-wedding-shoot-ballard-estate-26 retro-styled-mumbai-pre-wedding-shoot-ballard-estate-25 retro-styled-mumbai-pre-wedding-shoot-ballard-estate-23 retro-styled-mumbai-pre-wedding-shoot-ballard-estate-22 retro-styled-mumbai-pre-wedding-shoot-ballard-estate-21 retro-styled-mumbai-pre-wedding-shoot-ballard-estate-20 retro-styled-mumbai-pre-wedding-shoot-ballard-estate-18 retro-styled-mumbai-pre-wedding-shoot-ballard-estate-15 retro-styled-mumbai-pre-wedding-shoot-ballard-estate-14 retro-styled-mumbai-pre-wedding-shoot-ballard-estate-13 retro-styled-mumbai-pre-wedding-shoot-ballard-estate-12 retro-styled-mumbai-pre-wedding-shoot-ballard-estate-11 retro-styled-mumbai-pre-wedding-shoot-ballard-estate-10 retro-styled-mumbai-pre-wedding-shoot-ballard-estate-7 retro-styled-mumbai-pre-wedding-shoot-ballard-estate-6 retro-styled-mumbai-pre-wedding-shoot-ballard-estate-3 retro-styled-mumbai-pre-wedding-shoot-ballard-estate-2retro-styled-mumbai-pre-wedding-shoot-ballard-estate-28


That’s all folks !


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