This post has been long over due. Its been almost 6 months since we made this little trip to the Happiest Country in the World – Bhutan.
We are going to make this post as detailed as possible simply because it deserves all the attention it can get.


How it all started?

Well, after shooting non-stop from November’15 to Feb’16, we needed a break.

But we were not off the hook. We had round about 4-5 days before heading back for the next shoot. When we asked folks around, they kept being sarcastic and said “Go to the Himalayas. And meditate.”

We decided to take half of it seriously. Not the mediation part obviously.

I carried my camera just cause I keep it close and keep mumbling “My precious” even in sleep. So yea, my pet Nikon D750 came along. The shutter sound was heard each time I thought it was convenient.

Let’s move to the story now 🙂



Arrival of the WIFE in the PLAN. That simple. I just had to say that I have a 5 day break. Now you decide. And bang. An itinerary was created. Special thanks to folks at World Travel Studio who dealt with all our questions back and forth.

Alright. We took a flight from Mumbai to Kolkata and then another one from Kolkata to Paro. And that’s when it all started. A Dream.


Bhutan  – The Trip 🙂

We landed early morning at the Paro Airport. Such a pity that I did not have my Camera in hand when we were about to land. The runway has mountains on both its sides. That spectacle is to die for. No doubt.

Just an FYI – Places/ Cities that we covered:

Thimphu (The Capital) – The place where we did the maximum walking. We were there for 2 days and my FitBit Charge HR said that we walked 16,000+ Steps on both the days. Walking kept us warm. And the jackets too.

Punakha/ Wangdue – Wow. The place to be. No Mobile network. Only scenic beauty. You look to the left, you see mountains, you look to the right, you see the valley. Our resort was by the river as well. Ice cold fresh water. NEVER wanted to come back from that place. Period.

Paro – Another stunning city. The only city with an Airport. Breath taking landscapes here as well. Pity we had just a day to spend out there. Would have loved to go see the local schools as well. Next time. For sure.

Dzongs and Monasteries – Tons of them. And you do not get tired of them. Even for a guy like me who hardly makes it to temples, there was this magical feel of serenity around.

Dochula Pass (108 Stupas) – Phew ! You can see the snow clad Himalayas from there. Enough said. And the breath taking Stupas 😛

Ok. This is where the writing stops. And the pictures do all the talking. Over and Out.


Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-77 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-76 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-75 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-71

Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-67 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-66 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-62 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-61 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-60 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-59 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-58 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-57 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-52 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-51Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-89 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-86 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-85 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-82 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-81Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-1Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-3 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-5Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-6 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-8Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-9 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-16 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-15 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-11 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-10Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-18 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-26 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-25 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-23 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-21 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-20Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-35Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-34 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-29Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-38 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-39Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-84 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-32Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-46 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-45 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-44 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-43 Travel-Photography-Bhutan-Happiest-Country-42


Special thanks to the person who dealt with me and my mood swings. She shopped while I clicked.

No more Savings. 😛



Cheers !