5 things to consider before choosing a wedding venue

Over the last two years, we have shot many a lovely couple at some beautiful locations, and we can safely say the wedding venue has been a big part of many coveted albums. Having befriended many couples in love (and their families) who have gone through the tiring process of choosing wedding venues, we thought we would pass down wisdom to future brides and grooms.

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So, here we go. Few things to remember as you start on your quest for the perfect wedding venue…

1) Money is the main guy, aka, budget: –

Have a clear idea of the budget allotted specifically for all your functions. Map out the number of guests and shortlist places according to their capacity. Many vendors offer different numbers for standing and seating capacity. ALWAYS go for the seating capacity. Remember, there are going to be caterers and waiters moving about and people you have not accounted for. Don’t skimp on the budget to book a place which is not convenient to travel to for wedding party and guests alike. Destination weddings are expensive, but at the least all your guests are all around together.


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2) The Food:-

The single most important part of the wedding (sorry, brides we still love you). Most venues have their choice of caterers only. If met with such limited options, make sure you go for a special tasting. Live counters are great, but restrict them to an open area.

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3) The Decor:-

The decor is why the venue is beautiful, people. If you have a theme, make sure the venue vendor provides beyond standard decor options. Ask for samples and please be mindful of the fact that any alterations or installations come at an extra cost. For outdoor weddings, fresh flowers and great lighting go hand in hand, but don’t forget to have mosquito repellants hidden between tables in the evenings.

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4) Amenities:-

It is the small things that you forget to consider that makes a huge difference. Look for venue amenities that come with no extra cost – Ample parking space with valet service, polite and well informed helpers, clean and well-kept restrooms, rooms for the groom and bridal parties, safe-keeping services, first-aid, and backup power. In case of an outdoor setting, the venue should be equipped to handle emergencies like unexpected showers.

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5) Personal Style:-

Are you and your partner hippies at heart who are made to sit in the red and gold Raja Rani chair on stage while the photographer goes clickity click clik? It is important that the venue suits your personality as a couple. If you choose a non-traditional venue for your wedding because you like the rustic feel it exudes, make sure points 1 to 5 are taken care of!





A little bit of foresight can ensure you throw a great party to celebrate your biggest decision in life. Thank us by choosing us to photograph your wedding! Just kidding. (Maybe)

– Compiled and collated by Sneha Nair 🙂

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