Nitu and Mohit – Wedding Teaser:

Phew! We finally did a single day edit. All that mad running for three days worked. We are so glad to have this up and running.

A big cheer to the couple 🙂
One of the coolest we have ever met. Hands down !
And the warmest families we have ever come across. Phenomenal hospitality.

There is just so much to talk about this wedding.
But for now, let’s just take a deep breath and watch this beautiful story come alive.

And yes – special thanks to our team who worked round the clock to make this happen

Cheers !


Tanika and Frank – Wedding Teaser:

This one is really close to our hearts.. Mainly cause it turned out to be a single day edit for us.
We shot this gorgeous couple’s catholic wedding and party at Cidade De Goa and then headed back to Mumbai for their Hindu Wedding. The Goa wedding was so beautiful that we just had to showcase something when they were back in Mumbai for their Hindu rituals.
We managed to put together a quick teaser for them and showcased it on the big screen during their reception in Mumbai. What happened after that was pure bliss 🙂


Mansi and Deval – Fatehgarh Palace, Udaipur


Nami and Eham – Wedding Highlight


#MruNik – Wedding Highlight:

Well, that’s what it is. They have a hastag assigned to their love. That’s how evolved they are 🙂


Asha and Siddharth – Wedding Highlight:

Love happens. Beautifully and in its own special way.
It was such a privilege to meet the two families. Such happy people I say 🙂

Here’s an Interesting story of how people from across the world meet and become soul mates.

Asha and Siddharth, we wish you a lifetime of love and togetherness. God bless you guys.



Daisy and Rakesh – Wedding Highlight:

So how do you show and express your love? Be yourself. That’s what Rakesh started with.

Never have we met a guy who knows exactly how to express himself to his loved one.


Hiral and Kunal – Wedding Highlight


Anjali and Devendra – Wedding Highlight:

Such a fine taste of traditions and royalty all across.


Moushmi and Amol – Wedding Highlight:

Moush said, “We had our first date in Milan, he asked me out in Germany and we have travelled across the world.. And we have been looking forward to being together in one country, one city.”

It cannot get more beautiful than that. 🙂


Neha and Amit – Wedding Highlight:




Saloni and Sameer Wedding: