Shoots Photos and Videos both - Versatile that way !
We asked her to share a little description about herself. She made a face good enough to make me feel bad about what I had asked for. But I didn’t lose hope. I asked her again.
She sent this !
Me – Netra.
Number of Tattoos on Me – 24 – She promised us that her next tattoo will have the WhatKnot Logo in it 😛 😛
Bike I ride – RE Classic 350 ( since 2016 )
Badges Collection – Infinite.
If I could; would have stayed in a jungle all my life. (Meaning – Animals are better than humans)
Hate socialising.
Not an influencer!
Pink Floyd ko mention karna mat bhulna!
Haha ! Wacky as hell. But shoots even better.
That’s all folks.