Eventful and Jubilant , This is what a real Punjabi wedding looks like!

Punjabis definitely know how to get the groove on! Here’s our take on the wedding we covered of the vivacious Shelly and Aman!   Somewhere towards the second half of 2015 we had the pleasure of connecting with the Punjabi family of Shelly and Aman. After going over a few details, WhatKnot was commissioned to shoot the most […]

The Makeup Room

 “Will you be getting my makeup shots too?” “Are you really sure you want to click my pictures when my makeup is going on?” “I don’t think am too kicked about getting clicked that time.” “So you will click my lipstick and eye liner?” “But I wont be ready by then”   These are some […]

Destination Wedding Photographer in Mumbai and Pune

Story of the Workhorse

In every industry, there is a workhorse – Period. What this workhorse does is simple – get most of your work done with zero tantrums and zero maintenance. With that in mind, we are here to talk about this one specific lens, which is known to be just that as far as Wedding Photography is […]

The Maharashtrian Brides – A Study

We have always maintained that a wedding is all about the Bride. She “always” gets the maximum attention – right from the outfits to makeup to jewellery to footwear to etc etc… Now that we have shot so many weddings across cultures and cities, we have been wanting to understand how the brides are captured […]

Candid Wedding Photographer in Goa and Mumbai

Not just Serendipity

Move over SRK, we gotta new dreamer in town, a looker at that! He has us believing in the quintessential hero  that Bollywood has been creating and spewing for the last three decades. Romance is real, he is real. In the digital age of information overload and short attention spans, here is a surprising and […]

Udaipur Expedition

  Udaipur City Palace – Enough said !! Thats all is needed to explain and describe the grandeur of this beautiful city and Palace. We were in Udaipur for a wedding and couldn’t help but work on a story dedicated only to this remarkable city. We could see the entire city from one end of […]