The reserved ones make the best friends and partners; for often, their on-the-face honesty, and tenacity in trying times is how they build solid relationships with people. Nikhil learnt this soon after Mahak and he re-connected 4 years later, outside the confines of their classroom. That he better not let go of this one.

pre-wedding-photography-10pre-wedding-photography-46 pre-wedding-photography-15

Mahak and Nikhil met in business school and remained casual friends with each other through their careers in different countries. A chance meeting at a common friend’s wedding in Mumbai sparked a new attraction. Very soon, late night calls and texts followed and it was a matter of days before they knew. This was it. Something so excitingly new, yet carrying the comfort of an old friendship.

“Nikhil accepts me as I am, he is my best friend”, Mahak says nonchalantly, like it is the most universally accepted truth. Don’t let that sunshine smile pull the ground under you, beneath that ‘anything – goes’ exterior is the calm, sharp brain that is probably assessing you before she invests her time and commitment in you. For life.

“Oh, her brutal honesty”, cries Nikhil in mock horror, immediately followed by guffawing and stolen looks at Mahak. You know then, if anyone get through to Mahak, its Nikhil – warm, friendly and easy going.

Earlier wanting a monsoon pre-wedding photoshoot, the couple finally chose a beautiful private property in Manor for their first set of photographs by WhatKnot, where we got the first glimpse of their personalities. Sugar and butter, but molten together for the icing on the cake.



Nikhil was the star of the shoot! He brought in an energy to the day that rubbed off on all of us. It is easy to see why Nikhil and Mahak are perfect for each other. He makes her laugh, sets her in ease in unfamiliar settings and most importantly just lets her be.The result – two very fresh faced people enjoying having us around! Making our wedding shoot quite easy 😉

Mahak and Nikhil took the leap of faith at The Club in Mumbai and their wedding was preceded by multiple yet very fun functions

Day 1: Sangeet and Engagement


Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-7 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-8 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-9 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-10I’ll twist you, I’ll twirl you, but baby, it’ll be worth it, this dance with you

Time for groupfie!


Day 2 – Mehendi and Sath San

Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-18 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-24

Very unique ceremony during Haldi where family rips apart the groom’s clothing!

Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-32 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-30 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-29

Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-39 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-40

Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-38 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-35 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-25

The Big Day:


Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-42 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-41

A few moments before the baraat arrived.

Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-47 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-49

Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-46 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-44 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-45 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-53 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-54 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-55 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-56 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-51 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-52

Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-57 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-58 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-59

Is he here yet?

Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-60 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-62

We love how smiley Mahak is!


Hey there!

Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-63 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-64

He does not seem to care about anything else 🙂

Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-65 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-68 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-69 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-70

Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-71 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-72 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-74

A wedding ritual set against an evening sun makes for the most beautiful backdrop.

Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-79 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-80 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-83
Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-84 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-87

Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-85 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-86 Mumbai-Sindhi-Wedding-90

Happily ever after 🙂


Thats all folks 🙂


– Text contributed by Sneha Nair