“I must confess, I haven’t been putting up too many Pre Wedding Shoots on our site lately. The Wedding Season has kept me so busy that everything else has taken a backseat. But this has to change.”

~ Aditya, Co-Founder – WhatKnot


He isn’t wrong. The last one we added was shot almost 10 months back. And the calendar here says we have shot almost 20 Couple Shoots in the last 5 months. Let’s start with the ones we are proud of. 🙂


We like to call the shoot as “Just in Time – Not really”

This story is going to be from the Photographer’s perspective unlike all the other stories where it’s more about the couple. So here it goes..


It was a not so hot sunny afternoon in the month of January – the so called winter in Mumbai.

We decided to drive down to Lonavla to a place called Pawana lake/ Dam.

The plan was simple. Reach the place by 2.30 or so, start shooting by 3pm and continue till 5.30. Once the sun sets, pack our bags and drive back to Mumbai. Simple.

But things had to go wrong. Just about. We got delayed a “little” in Mumbai and then took multiple wrong routes while on our way to Lonavla. It was 4pm and we had not even touched the place. We had not shot a single picture till then and were starting to get worried. We could see the sun going down as we got closer to the Lake.


Aditya in his hoarse voice said, “Winter is Coming”

Ok. That didn’t happen. But he was a little worried for sure.


We finally reached the place at 4.45pm. We quickly parked our cars, took our cameras out and started shooting. We had exactly 45mins before the sun went down.. Pose, click. Pose, click. Candid, click.

We did well I think. We got some good shots and were pretty much done in 45mins. But we wanted more. Such a good looking couple. We wanted more pictures. For sure.

That’s when we decided to add some artificial light there and get some creative shots. And Voila !

Eventful day. Awesome Couple. Fantastic Pictures. Proud moment. Period.


WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-2 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-1 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-32 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-30 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-29 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-28 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-27 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-25 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-24 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-22 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-21 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-20 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-18 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-17 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-16 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-12 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-11 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-10 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-9 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-8 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-7 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-6 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-5 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-3
WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-15 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-13 WhatKnot-Pre-Wedding-Lonavla-Pawana-Lake-14