Saakharpuda photography in Thane

Every now and then, we land up shooting a Maharshtrian event. We are not too sure why, but this could be because the founders of WhatKnot are Maharashtrians. We like to believe so…

We shot this Engagement and Ring Ceremony function couple of months back at a brand new Hotel in Thane. We had not heard of the place but were up for a surprise after checking it out.

engagement-ring-ceremony-42 engagement-ring-ceremony-39 engagement-ring-ceremony-38

We had done a pre wedding shoot for this couple and hence they knew us well. They were relaxed and went about meeting and greeting people. Mind you, this wasn’t like a typical engagement function. This had no rituals. Just a casual party where people came, interacted, had fun, greeted the couple, ate and left 🙂

The perfect event I would say…engagement-ring-ceremony-40 engagement-ring-ceremony-51 engagement-ring-ceremony-50 engagement-ring-ceremony-49 engagement-ring-ceremony-48 engagement-ring-ceremony-47 engagement-ring-ceremony-46 engagement-ring-ceremony-45 engagement-ring-ceremony-44 engagement-ring-ceremony-43 engagement-ring-ceremony-41 engagement-ring-ceremony-37