We recently shot Manali and Apurva’s Engagement Ceremony in Mumbai and boy it was fun ! Manali was all flamboyant and gleeful while Apurva was super calm and carried a Mr.Cool demeanour. We could literally feel the chemistry between them while shooting the couple portraits.

Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-69 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-64 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-61 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-60 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-58

Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-65 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-59 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-57

With so much chemistry in place, we just had to ask them about their love story.. While Apurva kept calm and quiet, Manali started doing “All” the talking…

So, here it goes 🙂

The two have had a typical Bollywood-iya love story. Manali says “I have known Apurva for the past 4 years (Thanks to Facebook). Our MBA coaching class is the place where we first met. I remember the first time I saw him and he did get a second glance – he looked cute in the grey t-shirt. But it seemed like he didn’t share the same feeling. No name asked, no smile exchanged. So obviously I put him in the ‘overly snooty smart guy who thinks he is too smart to talk to lesser mortals’ category. But years later he did confess that all the background check about the girl with a nice smile was long done and the snootiness was a planned move – well it worked! “

– Apurva, you lucky boy !! And you didn’t get friend-zoned either !! 

“For the next one and a half years we never really told each other what we actually felt but then it had to happen at some time. We chatted for hours together. To be honest I knew he was flirting big time but failed to understand why he just wouldn’t ask me out! But he finally did and its been one hell of a journey since then” – Oh yes, we could sense that the minute you both started posing for us 😉

Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-63 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-56 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-55

Manali goes on… “As individuals, I am the rational one and he is the dreamer. That is one thing I absolutely love, adore and admire about him. The greatest thing about him is the passion he has for each and everything he does. If I love something, anything, I will express it, shout it out loud but he is someone who would not say a word. Show the world how tough he is but in the end, will go out of his way to show how much he appreciates it.” 

Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-1 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-15 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-14 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-6 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-5 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-12 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-11 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-10

As for the Engagement ceremony, we covered every aspect of it. The charming couple and their lovely families made it real easy for us 🙂

Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-21 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-19 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-18 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-17 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-16 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-22 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-23 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-24 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-26 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-27 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-32 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-29 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-41 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-42 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-43 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-49 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-47 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-50 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-54 Marathi-Engagement-Mumbai-52

While we loved clicking the two beautiful families, Manali lets out a little secret 🙂

“Our engagement was an amazing and one of the most important days in our lives. But I cannot deny the fact that I have never been more nervous and jittery as I was on that day. No matter how many people I met, I just couldn’t calm down. But seeing him (equally nervous) calmed me down. Never thought such rom-com movie scenarios actually happen!”

And that’s what we call a rocking Love Story 🙂

Cheers to Manali and Apurva..