I must admit… This turned out to be an exceptional shoot.. Firstly, special mentions for both the families.. They were sooo wonderful.. It was an absolute pleasure just meeting them, leave aside clicking them..

engagement-ring-ceremony-36 engagement-ring-ceremony-35 engagement-ring-ceremony-34 engagement-ring-ceremony-33 engagement-ring-ceremony-32 engagement-ring-ceremony-31 engagement-ring-ceremony-30

And yes, the couple looked gorgeous together.. We as photographers didnt have to work too hard on our photos.. The couple looked lovely in every single picture… And they were really patient when it came to post engagement clicks.. Thanks guys..

engagement-ring-ceremony-17 engagement-ring-ceremony-29 engagement-ring-ceremony-28 engagement-ring-ceremony-27 engagement-ring-ceremony-26 engagement-ring-ceremony-25 engagement-ring-ceremony-24 engagement-ring-ceremony-23 engagement-ring-ceremony-22 engagement-ring-ceremony-21 engagement-ring-ceremony-20 engagement-ring-ceremony-19 engagement-ring-ceremony-18

Congratulations and all the very best for the future 🙂