We have clicked loads of pictures in this part of the city. We being from Mumbai have a special affection and affinity towards this area. Each time we make it here, a sense of unconditional love creeps in. And it just got larger this time around.

In short, this was by far one of our best shoots in that part of the city.


Let us try and explain it to you why..

Way too many people, things, birds helped us during the shoot…
Firstly, the couple – for bearing up with us.
Secondly, The Gateway of India for being there.. 🙂
Thirdly, The weather… a beautiful morning with clouds around.
and last but not the least, the awesome pigeons for flying around at the right time..


The trick here was to make one Aditya shoot while the other Aditya run frantically behind the pigeons making them fly..

Pre_Wedding_Mumbai_Gateway-21Pre_Wedding_Mumbai_Gateway-22 Pre_Wedding_Mumbai_Gateway-6 Pre_Wedding_Mumbai_Gateway-5 Pre_Wedding_Mumbai_Gateway-4 Pre_Wedding_Mumbai_Gateway-2 Pre_Wedding_Mumbai_Gateway-1 Pre_Wedding_Mumbai_Gateway-3 Pre_Wedding_Mumbai_Gateway-11 Pre_Wedding_Mumbai_Gateway-12 Pre_Wedding_Mumbai_Gateway-23 Pre_Wedding_Mumbai_Gateway-15 Pre_Wedding_Mumbai_Gateway-14 Pre_Wedding_Mumbai_Gateway-10 Pre_Wedding_Mumbai_Gateway-9

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