Every single couple that we shoot with is different. This was unique in its own way. They were shy, quiet and extremely soft spoken. I had an instinctive smile on my face the minute we greeted each other. With the shoot revolving around their personalities, we knew what to do next…

pre-wedding-photography-81 pre-wedding-photography-80

A brenizer was an obvious choice to start with. But what was important was getting the shy and quiet couple pictures too. It took some time for them to get used to the camera around. But once they were comfortable, the shoot was a breeze.

pre-wedding-photography-85 pre-wedding-photography-84
pre-wedding-photography-83 pre-wedding-photography-87 pre-wedding-photography-88 pre-wedding-photography-89 pre-wedding-photography-90 pre-wedding-photography-95 pre-wedding-photography-94 pre-wedding-photography-93 pre-wedding-photography-92 pre-wedding-photography-91 pre-wedding-photography-86

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