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WhatKnot is a team of people who are dedicated to creating and capturing the happy moments of couples on their big day. Our motto has been plain and simple. Every wedding speaks a unique story. With specialisation in Contemporary and Candid Wedding Photography, they travel across the country for varied events related to couples such as Weddings, Sangeet, Haldi, Engagements and so on. Their base city being Mumbai, their most recent travels have been to Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Goa, Nagpur, Jaipur, Udaipur and Delhi. And that's just half the list..

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Candid Photography

Our core speciality is Candid Wedding Photography. Period !! What this means in layman’s language is that we are here to capture the real essence of the wedding and click all the possible expressions of the couple thereby creating beautiful memories for them. And be rest assured, we would not ask you to pose for us […]

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Pre Wedding Shoot

  People call them Pre-Wedding shoots. We like to call them “Larger than Life pictures of their memories and personalities”. And honestly, thats what we do !! They are generally shot at exotic locations with the couple wearing the typical non-bridal attires and showcasing their love and affection towards each other. Some like them romantic […]

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Wedding Films

We as Indians have always wanted to be a part of a Bollywood film. Well, now is the chance to make that really happen. With Cinematography in place, a wedding “film” is what helps every groom turn into Raj and Simran from DDLJ. Of course, if you aren’t that kinds, we can always look at […]

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Latest Posts

Morning Sunshine

Samir and Dwiti – Both Mumbaikars, now settled in the US got in touch with us good 6 months before their wedding. Born and brought up in Mumbai, they wanted a shoot which was close to their heart – Mumbai. Mind you, they didn’t want to get pictures at Heritage locations but instead, the actual heart of […]

Deserted lanes, Beaming love

On a beautiful Sunday morning, we took a little stroll down the empty lanes of Mumbai…  

An elegant shoot in Mumbai

“Stories never get old. Pictures never get old.”    We shot this wedding in July last year and totally missed out on showing them to the world. But then, it’s never too late to show great content 🙂

The Green Room Diary

The makeup room is where the story unfolds bit by bit, where the bride’s emotions are raw and unmasked for us to see, the excitement of the big event palpable and a nervous energy the theme of the room. Amidst all the brouhaha, we find beauty in the little things and in the details. We […]

Haldi – Miss Style Fiesta

Never have we really put up a blog showcasing only Haldi and Mehendi pictures. But this definitely feels different. We shot this a month back at the residence of Masoom Minawala – more popularly known as Style Fiesta ! Cheers !   #shailoom #haldi #MissSFVirtualBridesmaids #MissSFVirtualWedding  

A relaxed couple shoot away from Home

We have heard of a lot of exotic couple shoots in recent times. People love to travel to the most gorgeous and commercial places to get their pictures clicked. This was no different – Almost !   The couple didn’t want to shoot in Mumbai. Period. And we didn’t want to do the typical fly down to Goa/ […]

Rajasthani Wedding Photographers in Mumbai

Majestic Udaipur – Deogarh Mahal

Palace Weddings are majestic. They have all the right ingredients – Grandeur, royalty, richness, tons of heritage and that awesome feeling of serenity.   We shot this wedding a few months back and thought of showcasing some of the couple shots we got during our stay.   Tags: Udaipur, Destination, Destination Wedding, Big Fat Indian […]

Candid Wedding Photographer in Goa

Bring in the Polka Dots

Not too often do we hear from horse’s mouth (in this case the bride-to-be) 😛 But Priya being a good friend decided to pen down her love story in her own unique detailed manner for us. Mind you, a very detailed manner. Something about the shoot – Priya and Shiv should have been born in the […]

Wedding Photographer in Goa and pune

The Big Fat Indian Wedding – Part 2

Ok then. It’s time.   Such weddings happen once in a lifetime. For us, we were lucky to experience this twice. Why? Cause the couple got married twice (in different customs) at two different locations. 🙂 We had shared some of the pictures from their Goa wedding in our previous post. The link to the same is […]

Asus Zenfone 3 – Camera Review

The last time the we had an Asus phone in our hands, it did wonders. It was seen as the first phone to have a 3x optical zoom and it certainly lived up to its expectations. We did a complete review of that phone back then and this time around, we have something even more fascinating. It’s […]

Final take at a film studio

A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world. – Leo Buscaglia That’s how beautiful this wedding was. The couple’s chemistry was exactly what we have just mentioned. And to top it all, there were rose petals used everywhere. And now, let’s check the pictures 🙂      

Bhutan – 2016

This post has been long over due. Its been almost 6 months since we made this little trip to the Happiest Country in the World – Bhutan. We are going to make this post as detailed as possible simply because it deserves all the attention it can get.   How it all started? Well, after […]

Candid Wedding Photographer in Goa

The Big Fat Indian Wedding – Part 1

This is what we call – The Big Fat Indian Wedding. The definition for the same varies from person to person. But for us, it was just how royal it all looked and felt. It was how well we were treated and how classy everything around was. And yes, the folks out there enjoyed the wedding […]

Wedding Photographer in Mumbai

Loads of dancing at St.Regis Mumbai

It has been a while since we posted a picture story Wedding Photographer in Mumbai. Work has been hectic which is good. Keeps us motivated to keep doing better work. Another twenty days and then we plan to take a little break. Probably enjoy the Mumbai monsoons. Who knows.   But when on shoot, our […]

Nagpur Tales

There are times when you don’t need to write much about a wedding. The pictures do all the talking for you. This is definitely one of them. The wedding season was a hectic one for us with the team traveling extensively for 4 months. This one comes from our Nagpur visit – The city of […]

Vikram Phadnis – The Bridal Affair – Renaissance – 2016

Yes, we were there. This. Renaissance, Powai. Wedding Fair. Vikram Phadnis. Dia Mirza. The Bridal Affair. Bridal Attires. Drop dead gorgeous. Enough said. This was our last shot for the day. We just can’t get over this simply cause of its massive grandeur. Let’s just look at some of the pictures from the very beginning. Don’t […]

Pre-wedding photographers

Just in Time – Not really

“I must confess, I haven’t been putting up too many Pre Wedding Shoots on our site lately. The Wedding Season has kept me so busy that everything else has taken a backseat. But this has to change.” ~ Aditya, Co-Founder – WhatKnot   He isn’t wrong. The last one we added was shot almost 10 […]

A Tale Of Fate

A wedding that we shot in early November’15. The season had just about kick started for us and we were over energetic about shooting weddings all over again.The couple had flown down all the way from the UK for this beautiful wedding. A two day affair at Zuri White Sands Resort in Goa was nothing less […]

Best Friends. Forever.

  This is a wedding that we shot almost a year back. Yes, a year back. They are close to their First Anniversary date and we thought it would be perfect to have their story shared with the world to see.. And their beautiful memories too.   I have been in touch with the two […]

Eventful and Jubilant , This is what a real Punjabi wedding looks like!

Punjabis definitely know how to get the groove on! Here’s our take on the wedding we covered of the vivacious Shelly and Aman!   Somewhere towards the second half of 2015 we had the pleasure of connecting with the Punjabi family of Shelly and Aman. After going over a few details, WhatKnot was commissioned to shoot the most […]

Brilliant story of a well-disciplined athelete who met an infectiously cheerful girl

The incredible story of Anand and Maitreyi. A modern contemporary love story. Just so you know, Anand is a badminton player, represents India at international level and is currently ranked 38th in the world. Yeah, pretty darn cool right?! Maitreyi runs a foundation that helps promote mental health in the society. Here is their story! […]

This is what happens when the wedding photographer gets married

Finally, after shooting hundreds of weddings, our old man tied the knot last October. Yes, it happened. He sobs at times. But we are pretty sure that he is elated and happy the other times. This is his story. And also the bride’s story. I think. (I get paid by him. So, it is his story. Period […]

The Makeup Room

 “Will you be getting my makeup shots too?” “Are you really sure you want to click my pictures when my makeup is going on?” “I don’t think am too kicked about getting clicked that time.” “So you will click my lipstick and eye liner?” “But I wont be ready by then”   These are some […]

The sea, the sand and love

Prekshaa Sharma is a typical Punjabi kuddi…She is Loud yet lovely, Mad yet mystical and works as a Marketing professional. Gaurav Patel on the other hand is a true Gujju chokro and is louder and much more honest version of her, who happens to be a bijjiiness (business) man! She says “Our story truly defines the word “serendipity” […]

Michael and I

Recently, we had the opportunity to be part of Manasi and Michael’s special day, and what a day it was! What a lovely, lovely couple to befriend and photograph (and incredibly attractive too!). We spoke to Manasi and she gave us a peek into their cozy London life and their story. Read on to know, […]

Destination Wedding Photographer in Mumbai and Pune

Story of the Workhorse

In every industry, there is a workhorse – Period. What this workhorse does is simple – get most of your work done with zero tantrums and zero maintenance. With that in mind, we are here to talk about this one specific lens, which is known to be just that as far as Wedding Photography is […]

Candid Wedding Photographer in Goa and Mumbai

Not just Serendipity

Move over SRK, we gotta new dreamer in town, a looker at that! He has us believing in the quintessential hero  that Bollywood has been creating and spewing for the last three decades. Romance is real, he is real. In the digital age of information overload and short attention spans, here is a surprising and […]

No wrong time for doing right

The reserved ones make the best friends and partners; for often, their on-the-face honesty, and tenacity in trying times is how they build solid relationships with people. Nikhil learnt this soon after Mahak and he re-connected 4 years later, outside the confines of their classroom. That he better not let go of this one. Mahak […]

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  • Tanika Thacker

    They were awesome!! It was like working with really professional friends – who love what they do – and are also great at it. They really are the reason my wedding looks so good – think they definitely made it look way cooler than it was in reality..lol. 

    The Couple’s Story: The Big Fat Indian Wedding – Part I

    Tanika Thacker

  • Mohit Sampat
    These are moments that last a lifetime! And last they do. We handed this responsibility to Whatknot and what a brilliant job they did! Capturing the essence of each and every moment of our pre-wedding, sangeet and wedding, they helped us capture moments in the best possible manner. Aditya & Aditya do a great job in a friendly yet professional manner putting you at ease almost immediately. Really happy with their work and adherence to timelines.

    Thank you very much Whatknot!

    Mohit Sampat

    15th June
  • Aneela Bajpai

    My entire family is just in awe of WhatKnot’s talent! You guys have captured every moment in such a beautiful and natural manner that looking at the photos makes me feel like I’m reliving every aspect of my favourite day again. Nikhil & I just can’t get over how amazing the photos have turned out.
    Thank you Adi & Adi for capturing the most vivid moments of our wedding so beautifully.

    Aneela Bajpai

    20th Feb'14
  • Karan Sanghavi

    The Whatknot team captured and finished our wedding snaps in the most beautiful and artistic way possible. The wedding day is something that you would want to remember forever, and they did the best job that I could have ever thought in capturing those moments. Everyone who saw our wedding snaps were all praises. You surpassed all expectations that we had! Our photo frames and coffee table books are filled with snaps clicked by the team.

    I would highly recommend the Whatknot team, you wouldn’t be disappointed!!

    The Couple’s Story: Karan and Niharika’s Gorgeous Story

    Karan Sanghavi

    11th Dec'13
  • Kaveri Kshirsagar

    A big thanks to the Whatknot team for making my wedding more memorable… It was a truly wonderful experience :)..
    I strongly recommend Whatknot to everyone who gets married.. book them as soon as you finalise the wedding day, as they get booked out on all good muhurat days..


    Kaveri Kshirsagar

    10th May'14
  • Niti Ranka

    These guys are super awesome! The candid moments captured by them in our wedding are priceless! Thanks to the beautiful photos, we can recollect each and every moment of our wedding! Keep up the good work guys!

    P.S. These guys make the bride look stunning 😀

    Niti Ranka

    2nd Dec'14
  • Surabhi Ranjan

    These guys were there for me throughout and mean so much more to me than just Wedding Photographers. They are super warm & friendly and my entire family loved them. Like even though, my husband met them for the first time at the pre-wedding, it was never really awkward with them. They made us feel extremely comfortable and are genuinely really fun people to be around.

    Somehow, they instantly knew how I wanted my pictures, and that’s always a good thing. 😀

    You know how you want your Photographer to capture each & every minute detail of your special day, & present it in an exquisite manner- that’s what they do with every shot.

    If you want to stay carefree, and still know that at the end of the day, your wedding pictures would be outright amazing- then these guys are the one.

    The Couple’s Story: It’s a Yes, your Honour

    Surabhi Ranjan

    30th Nov'14
  • Anuja Deshpande

    Fantastic moments captured… I must say candid photography in the true sense. Thank you Whatknot for the wonderful pictures ! 😀

    Anuja Deshpande

    22nd Feb'15
  • Monika Pandey

    Got our engagement day pics clicked by them and could barely wait to open the page and drop my feedback! Never thought pics could be so amazingly beautiful while I was able to capture the perfect moments with my loved ones and family on the frames… Thanks to WhatKnot for the wonderful day and amazing shots 🙂

    Monika Pandey

    7th May'15
  • Manasi Marathe

    These guys create magic with their cameras! Every emotion in the wedding was captured beautifully. Whatknot has helped us make everlasting memories and I couldn’t have asked for anything better! Big thumbs up to the team 🙂

    The couple’s Story: Michael and I

    Manasi Marathe

    6th June'15

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